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Whitefly Killer - Natural Whitefly Control

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Agralan Whitefly Killer will stop damage by whitefly.

Based on seaweed extracts, the product is completely natural and chemical free.

It works by physical contact action and is particularly effective in controlling whitefly.

Glasshouse whitefly is especially a problem in tomatoes and cucumbers. 

Contents – 500ml. Makes 5 litres of spray.



Measure 100ml of the concentrate and mix thoroughly with clean water to make 1 litre of spray solution.

Apply with a fine spray ensuring coverage of the target insects. It is particularly important that the undersides of the leaves are treated.

When the insect problem is at its most severe, treat it at weekly intervals. In the greenhouse

Whitefly Killer can be used in conjunction with the biological control agent Encarsia formosa.

Caution – do not spray young plants (those with less than 6 leaves) and never spray under hot, bright conditions – or some scorch may occur.

Use Agralan Yellow Sticky Traps to protect plants early in the season. Store in a safe place out of the reach of children.