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Thrip Control with ABS System

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Red spider mite and thrips are frequently occurring pests in vegetables and ornamental plants.  With use of a predatory mite, Amblyseius, they can be controlled biologically and efficiently.

Red spider mite (or two-spotted mite) is a tiny yellow or brown mite that can be easily distinguished with the aid of a hand lens by two dark spots on the sides of the body. In hot, dry, weather conditions the pest will multiply and spread very rapidly.  The immature stages, as well as the adults, feed on plant sap on the underside of the leaves, stunting the growth of the plant.  In case of severe damage, the whole leaf surface can be bleached or shrivelled. A fine, silky webbing may also be present on the top and underside of the infested leaves.

 The predatory mite, Amblyseius, actively seeks out prey, feeding on the red spider mites, thrips (and other mites) by piercing and sucking them empty. They can also eat pollen in the absence of prey.  The ideal temperature for predatory mites is between 15 and 25oC.


 Amblyseius mites are delivered in Breeder Sachets.  The sachets contain bran and bran mites, which in turn serve as a food source for the Amblyseius. Each sachet can produce thousands of Amblyseius over a period of several weeks.

 The sachets should be introduced as soon as possible after receipt and simply need hanging in the plants without opening them


Agralan Ltd and the seller are not liable for personal injury or property damage or loss, including crop damage or lack of performance, due to circumstances beyond their control, like a product user’s failure to comply with the directions.  Buyer and user assume all risks for these events.