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Soaker Hose Leaking Hose Pipe

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Agralan, Soaker hose, leaky hose pipe is a low pressure, porous hosepipe drastically reduces wastage of water by seeping small but constant amounts into the soil.

The kits deliver water to lawns, allotment beds, raised beds, kitchen garden plots and vegetable patches effortlessly, economically and effectively.
The soaker hose can be connected to a water butt or attached to the main water supply to provide continuous garden watering. It can be used on either the surface or for lawns and totally undercover watering, the hose can be permanently buried under grass or soil.

It's versatility allows it to be used in all areas of the garden, including shrubberies, annual flower beds, lawns, orchards and soft fruit, vegetables and the greenhouse border. Expect to water soil up to 50cm either side of the porous Soaker Hose pipe, which is best laid in loops to ensure even coverage.
The outer diameter of the tubing is 16mm and inner diameter is standard size at 13mm.

  • Irrigates the garden easily, efficiently and economically.
  • Can be used in all areas of the garden.
  • Ideal for greenhouse benching. Releases water over its whole length.
  • The outer diameter of the tubing is 16mm and inner diameter is standard size at 13mm.
  • Connect to either a water butt or a mains supply. Requires only low water pressure to operate.
Complete with a selection of fittings:
Soaker Hose 50 : Length 15m: Includes 1 straight, 1 tee, 1 elbow and 2 ends
Soaker Hose 100: Length 30m: Includes 2 straight, 2 tee, 2 elbow and 4 ends.
Soaker Hose 165: Length 50m (no fittings)
Soaker House 325: Length 100m (no fittings)