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Pea Moth Trap & Refill Set

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The Pea Moth pheromone trap provides a warning when there is a problem with pea maggot and allows sprays to be applied at the correct time

The Problem: Pea moth fly from late May until mid July. The mated female lays eggs on the flowers or young pods. The eggs hatch after 2 to 3 weeks into maggots which quickly burrow into the young pod, where they feed and grow making the peas inedible.

Each trap includes the contents needed to help protect your crops for around 6 weeks. To provide longer protection then you will need to purchase a refill which will give you an additional six weeks protection. The trap can be reused many times.


The trap should be sited in a part of the crop on the windward side. They should be 5 metres into the crop with 75 metres between each trap. The trap height should be adjusted regularly to keep it at two-thirds the crop height. One Trap should be sufficient to monitor up to 20 hectares of uniform crop.

The trap should be used from Mid May to July. The exact time of insect emergence will vary with location and seasonal variation.