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Leek Moth Traps

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Leek moth, (Acrolepiopsis assectella) used to be limited Southern England but has become more widespread in other areas in recent years.

There are two generations per year, in May/June and August to October. The small yellow green caterpillars damage foliage and tunnel into stems.

This pheromone trap will monitor for attacks. By catching the adult male moths, mating and egg laying will be reduced and the level of damage less.

The Trap comes ready to use but you can buy an additional refill to use for a second season.

How to use:

How to use the trap:

The trap should be set up in early April for the first generation or early July for the second. The trap should be assembled as shown in the diagrams (On packaging). The lure should be removed from the sachet and laid on the sticky base. The trap should be suspended from a stake, level with the top of the crop

How the trap works:

The trap uses the scent of the female moth to attract and catch male moths. It is important to check the trap every 2-3 days. If any moths are caught, the best approach is to cover the crop with Enviromesh. Alternatively, a suitable spray should be applied 14 days later. A second spray should be applied after a period 14-21 days has elapsed