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Hedgehog House Hotel

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Our Hedgehog Hotel provides an alternative, quiet, safe place for hedgehogs away from natural predators, pets and the dangers of strimmer's, mowers and resting in compost heaps or bonfires. 

It's a hard life for a hedgehog, especially in winter, which is why these wild hedgehog houses garden nesting boxes can be a real saviour for the outdoor hogs. It goes along with your bird box or bird feeder to make your garden hedgehog and other wildlife friendly by giving them the hideaway they need most. Stock with rabbit bedding or similar, food and water for a hog heaven.

With a predator baffle to make this a predator proof hedgehog house, wooden flooring to trap warmth in the hedgehog habitat, an overhang bitumen roof to prevent condensation and make it waterproof, and a big space for feeding supplies, a hedgehog bowl for water, and any hedgehog bedding material these hedgehog houses for garden and patios will keep your small friends safe all winter.

Made from thick 14mm, eco-friendly pine, this hedgehog house is great for anyone eco-conscious. The bitumen roof has a generous overhang to prevent rain entering and keep it waterproof. This charming hedgehog shelter will attract spikey friends quickly.

Our large outdoor nest boxes have plenty of room for a family of hogs to safely shelter, A hedgehog food bowl, and lots of bedding (pet guinea pig straw works well!) for when they're hibernating in these outdoor hedgehog houses outdoors in gardens. Place somewhere dry, under a hedgehog in the lee of a shed, and watch them flock to your hedgehog feeder house.

Children love animals, and with bird feeders stocked with bird food, this can transform the garden to a classroom. With a liftable lid to safely inspect the hedgehog hibernation house, this is a fun way to get them involved with nature. This garden igloo hutch is home to not just hibernating hedgehogs but also natural education, and your kids will be so excited by this bedding box.

Size: H18 x W35 x L35 cm