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Grow Your Own Ladybirds

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Grow Your Own Ladybirds Recent surveys show that ladybird populations are declining in the UK. Ladybirds are the gardener’s friend because they help to control pests. Our kit will show you how to grow your own Adalia bipunctata – the two-spotted ladybird – native to the UK

The two-spotted ladybird (Adalia bipunctata) is one of almost 100 European ladybird species. Both ladybirds and their larvae are voracious predators that feed on aphids, greenfly and mealy bugs. This species is therefore called a beneficial and together with other ladybird species plays an important role in biological control. This ladybird kit will increase the awareness of children and adults for beneficial and their complex relationships in nature.

  • Chart the growth of ladybirds from eggs to adults.
  • Educational Aphid Control Project.
  • Includes prepaid voucher for ladybird eggs and food.
  • Release the ladybirds into your garden.

• A rearing box with paper lining for growing your ladybirds.
• A small brush for handling the eggs and larvae.
• A prepaid voucher card for ordering the ladybird eggs and food.
• Instructions on how to care for your larvae once they hatch.
• An observation chart to record your experience.
Eggs are available between April and September. Please read instructions very carefully before sending off for eggs. 50 eggs are supplied which should produce approx 20 adults.