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Envirotect® Garden Frost Protection

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Envirotect® is a stronger, longer lasting, garden fleece alternative.

It works just like our Envirofleece® but has a longer life expectancy.

Made from woven strips of a very soft polyethylene, Envirotect® is a durable alternative to fleece,  making it less liable to damage by birds and animals.

When laid over crops, the added warmth will encourage the growth of seeds and young plants.

Protects crops and tender plants down to -3ºC.

UV stabilised.

Can be washed on a ‘wool’ cycle in the washing machine.

    If selecting by the meter, enter length required in the quantity box.

    The netting will come as one continuous length.


    Made from strips of a very soft polyethylene.

    Envirotect® allows 87% light passage.

    Protects down to -3ºC.

    • Does not tear or blow away like fleece
    • Allows light and water through.
    • Crops are more visible than through fleece.
    • Can also be used with tunnels and secured with Steel pegs or Tri-pegs.
    • Yields an earlier harvest with better crops.
    • With care, Envirotect® should last for 5 years.


    How To Use

    Cover the crop immediately after sowing or planting and secure on all sides, making sure there is enough slack for the crop to grow.  Cover crops for no more than six to eight weeks. Potatoes may be covered until the danger of frost has passed. Melons and courgettes can be covered for longer periods as they like a more humid environment.

    To avoid your plants suffering "shock", remove Envirotect® during mild conditions (avoid bright sunshine and low temperatures).