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Copper Slug Tape

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Stop those pesky slugs in their tracks with this Self adhesive Copper Slug Tape.

Agralan's copper tape will protect pots, containers, tables, greenhouse staging and cold frames by stopping slugs in their tracks. A highly effective self-adhesive copper tape, the copper has an electrical, natural charge giving slugs & snails a 'mini-shock'

1.Remove the protective paper and apply directly to a dry clean surface.

2. Stick the tape in a complete circle around the pot or other item which needs protection.

3. Trim any branch or which may over-hang the protected zone or that may act as a bridge for the pests to enter.

4. As with any copper material, this tape will change to a Verdigris colour over time, creating a more natural look. This change will not affect the performance of the product.

Pack contains: 4m roll.

Easy to use, long lasting and can be cut to size.