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Clothes/Food Moth Control with Trichogramma

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T-gramma (Trichogramma) are tiny, parasitic wasps (less than 0.5mm) that are natural antagonists of the clothes/food moths. They feel most comfortable at temperatures above 20°C and are then most effective.

T-gramma can be used all year round. Simply hang the cards in your room or wardrobe and do not open the cards. The side opening is sufficient for the wasps to leave the card.

1 Card Treats 1 room, up to 25m²

Each card contains 2000 T-Gramma

How they work

Clothes and woollen carpets can be affected by larvae of clothes moth (Tineola bisselliella). Often the damage is only detected when it becomes visible or moths are seen flying around.

The eggs laid by the female moths are about 0.5 mm long, white and only hard to find in the fabric. The young larvae are about 1 mm in size and of yellowish white colour.

Clothes moths prefer dark and quiet hiding places in dry and warm rooms. During their lifetime, the females lay up to 250 eggs on textiles, fur or feathers.

The larvae feed on real wool, hair or feathers. From these materials the larva constructs its cocoon tube for pupation.

Clothes moths also infest carpets, fillings of old furniture, wall decoration, animal fur, trophies, etc.

The parasitic wasps have an excellent sense of smell and can localise the laid eggs by means of tiny parts of wing scales that the female moths lose when they lay eggs.

Trichogramma parasitic wasps are egg parasites, that is they look for the laid eggs of moths, lay their own eggs inside them and instead of a moth larva a new beneficial parasitic wasp hatches. This cycle repeats as long as there are moth eggs available.

The parasitic wasps are only interested in the moth eggs. Once the moth eggs are gone they die and disappear inconspicuously in the house dust. They are neither dangerous to humans or pets.

How to use

Trichogramma evanescens – for control of Clothes Moth and Food Moth


The Trichogramma have a range of 5 metres and should be placed away from direct sunlight.

  • Place in the room or wardrobe close to the infestation of Clothes Moths or Food Moths and do not open the cards. The side opening is sufficient for the wasps to leave the card. 
  • 1 card per standard size room, use 2 for larger extended rooms.
  • Once placed, leave the cards for 2-3 weeks. 
  • After 2-3 weeks, remove the cards and place either clothes or food moth pheromone traps out for 7-10 days to catch any adult moths. This is also a good way to monitor the infestation.
  • Remove the pheromone traps.
  • A second application of Trichogramma is recommended.

Repeat the process until the problem is eradicated. 

This will differ for each household as level of infestation will differ.

A serious infestation may require several treatments.

It is important to remove any pheromone traps prior to introducing the Trichogramma. Good hygiene will also help to minimise infestation.  Traps may be re-introduced 2-3 weeks after treatment for monitoring purposes.

Cards can be stored in the fridge if not putting out straight away for up to two weeks however, we recommend using as soon as received.