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Capillary Matting & Cover

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For greenhouse bench and ‘holiday watering’. Agralan Capillary Matting shows true capillary action and lifts water up to 10cm.

A high quality matting with true capillary action complete with permeable cover.

The cover reduces evaporation and prevents root penetration.

Both matting and cover are washable and re-usable. Agralan Capillary Matting is very durable and with reasonable care should last up to 8 years.

Size: 0.53 x 2.4m.

Also available by the metre.

How to use

Maintenance: If the matting become soiled, they may be washed using warm water and mild detergent.

Cutting: the matting can be cut with scissors.


Width: 53cm 

Length 2.4m

Thickness: 3mm

More information

Greenhouse watering: In the greenhouse the surface of the bench should be covered with a sheet of polythene before the matting is laid out. The bench should be reasonably level. Any slope must not have a fall of more than 5cm. The matting should be covered with the permeable cover which will prevent root penetration, reduces evaporation and keeps the matting clean. A water reservoir may be installed at a slightly lower level than the bench, no more than 7.5cm below the level of the matting. A small strip of the matting about 7.5 cm wide may be used as a wick to feed the matting.

Holiday watering: For holiday watering of houseplants set up a piece of matting on, for example the draining board fed via a matting wick from a reservoir in sink. The soil in the pots and the matting should be thoroughly wetted for the capillary action to take effect.