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Box Moth Traps & Refills

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Box Moth is a pest of the box (Buxus spp.) Caterpillars feed on leaves causing damage. Severe infestations can cause defoliation and die back.

As caterpillars age they produce webbing ‘tents’ to protect themselves whilst feeding. Early detection and control are necessary as this web by makes effective control difficult.

There are 2 or 3 generations of this pest per year.

Trap contains: 1 x trap, 4 x pheromone lures and a trap record sheet to last one season.

Refill contains: 4 x pheromone lures (allows for re-use of the trap for a further season).


How to use
Trapping season: Place traps in an area by mid-March and continue trapping until October. It should be note that the exact time of insect emergence will vary with location and season.

Trap placement and density for monitoring: Place in an open area where the plants susceptible to attack are being grown. Traps should be mounted at eye level. In small gardens 1 trap should suffice, use 2 or more traps in larger areas.

Use of lures: Keep lure in sealed packet until needed. Do not open or pierce the capsule. Place it in the cage. Dispose of the sachet and used lures well away from the trapping area.

Trap servicing and change of lures: Add water to a depth of 5cm with a drop of detergent into the trap bucket. Lures should be changed every 5 weeks. The funnel traps should be emptied as needed.

If moths are being are caught a control treatment should commence within 3 weeks. Low levels of caterpillar maybe removed by hand. For high levels a spray treatment will be required.

Disclaimer: An insect monitoring trap is not guaranteed to prevent infestation to your crop