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Aphid Control with Lacewing Larvae (Chrysopa MC System)

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Aphids (Greenfly and Blackfly)

Found on a wide range of plants, these insects suck the plant sap which weakens the plant and causes the foliage to discolour and deform. Aphids produce a sticky deposit (Honeydew) which turns black on plants. 

Control with Lacewing larve Chrysopa carnea

Although aphids are their favourite diet, lacewing larve will also feed on small insects such as thrips, red spider mite and mealy bugs. Can be used inside or outside. Introduce when aphids are first seen. 

The big winged and golden eyed Chrysopa carnea, better known as green lacewing, often occurs spontaneously in greenhouses and open fields. The adult green lacewing is not a predator but feeds on nectar, honeydew and pollen. However, the larvae are extremely greedy and very efficient in hot spots. One larva can eat up to 50 aphids per day. Chrysopa carnea is applicable in different vegetable, fruit and ornamental crops, especially with a high temperature variation and/or changing relative humidity, as its activity hardly depends on temperature and does not depend on relative humidity.

Use regular introductions between April and August for effective control.