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Agralan Potato Gro-Pot

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Grow your own potatoes on the patio or in the garden. Portable, easy to grow and easy to harvest. Check on their progress by lifting out the inner pot. Reusable and easy to clean. 

Agralan Potato Pot – The easiest way to grow your own potatoes.

Before you start:

  • Always use a soil-less compost
  • Grow early or salad potato varieties
  • The best results are achieved if the seed is “pre-sprouted” or “chitted” before planting.

Made from 100% recycled plastic and fully recyclable.

Made in the UK.



Growing instructions:
  • Place the inner pot inside the outer pot.
  • Add compost to a depth of 5cm – 10cm
  • Plant the 4 seed potatoes approx. 5 cm from the outside of the pot and in the middle of each window. Place the seed potatoes halfway up the height of the pot.
  • The tubers should be covered with compost either in stages as the plants grow directly or until the pot is full.
  • Water thoroughly and set the pot in a warm/light location.
  • From 4 weeks water regularly and feed with a balanced liquid fertiliser.
  • Check on the development by lifting the inner pot up.
  • From 10 weeks, after emergence, lift the inner pot out and pick any visible tubers. Repeat every 2 weeks.
  • When the foliage dies, empty the pot out to harvest the remainder of the crop.



Potatoes are very sensitive to frost so keep protected.

When watering avoid wetting the foliage as this will encourage blight.


Capacity: 15 litres
Internal dimensions: 26cm high x 25cm wide x 25cm deep
External dimensions: 29cm high x 29cm wide (with handles) x 27.5cm deep

Made from recycled plastic and fully recyclable.

Made in the UK.