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Agralan Pantry Food Moth Trap

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Non toxic and ready to use glue trap with pheromone attractant to aid in the control of Food Moth in products such as cereal, flour, biscuits, crackers, tea and wild bird feed.

The trap reduces infestations by disrupting their reproductions and warns if further treatment is required.

One pack contains 3 traps.


How it works

The sticky surface catches male moths which are drawn to the trap by the pheromone attractant incorporated in the glue. This pheromone is very specific to the food moth. If 3 or more moths are caught within a week additional treatment will be needed. 

Instructions for use
  1. Cut open the bag on the upper side and remove the glue trap. Note the change date marked on the trap (6 weeks after). 
  2. Remove the film strip on the reverse of the trap and affix the trap to a smooth surface at a suitable location of your choice. Use one trap per cupboard. Two traps should be used in larger cupboards. 
  3. The trap should be checked weekly and replaced after approx. 6 weeks or when the glue surface is fully covered with moths.  

Important: Store the product in a cool and dry place. Keep away from children. The traps can be easily removed without leaving behind any residues and can be disposed of as household waste.