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Agralan Clothes Moth Trap

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These clothes moth traps are pesticide free, odourless pheromone trap for clothes moth. The moth is attracted to many natural products of animal origin, especially woven fibres, fur and feather products.

Non-toxic and ready to use glue trap with pheromone attractant to aid in the control of clothes moths on clothing, carpets, textiles containing natural fibres such as wool, cotton and silk, soft furnishings and upholstery. Effective for 3 months.

How it works

The sticky inner surface catches male moths which are drawn to the trap by the pheromone attractant incorporated in the glue. This pheromone is very specific to the clothes moth. If 5 or more moths are caught within a week, it is recommended to use Trichogramma (T-Gramma*) 2 weeks later.


Instructions for use
Cut the bag with scissors and take the glue trap out of the pouch. Fold the side flaps inwards and remove the white protective paper with one quick movement.

The trap is now active and will be effective for up to 3 months.
Assemble the trap and position at the intended place. The best catching results are obtained at or just above head height. One trap per wardrobe or room is necessary (max , but it is preferable to use two or more in a larger area.
Replace the trap after 3 months, or sooner if the trap is covered with moths. If periods of prolonged heat occur, you may need to replace earlier. Used traps can be disposed of with regular household waste.

We recommend using Clothes Moth Trap continuously in order to monitor any new infestation.