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Pest Control

Pest control is the regulation of insects and pests that negatively impacts human activities, pests can be harmful towards the growth of garden plants and crops. This is why its vital to maintain a healthy balance across your garden and that is where pest control comes in. However pests are not only found in the garden, unwelcome  guests such as Household pests can also be a major problem but there are multiple methods to deal with these kind of pests also.

Here at The Gardeners Choice we provide pest control for all your needs.
 - Enviromesh Ultrafine: This is a fine mesh perfect for screening greenhouse windows, doors and vents.
 - Insect pest control: This is pest control products directly aimed towards insects.
 - Garden pest control: Garden pest control products protects plants against birds, butterflies and aphids.
 - Household pests: Household pest control products will help protect your home from pests such as cockroaches, termites and mice.
 - Slugs and Snails: These product are aimed directly towards protecting plants and crops from slugs and snails.