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Revive Compost & Soil Treatment

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Agralan Revive is a microbial treatment for compost and soil containing a strain of Bacillus subtilis.

In natural conditions a thriving microbial population helps the uptake of nutrients by the root and removes the exudates (waste products) of the root. This results in more vigorous and healthy root growth.

These roots are less vulnerable to ‘damping off ’ and other diseases.


How to use:

Revive should always be diluted before use. Use diluted product within 48 hours.

For treatment of soil or composts dilute 25ml. of Revive in 2 litres of water. (1 fl.oz/0.5 gallons)

New compost and growbags should be watered with Revive at planting. Existing flower, fruit and vegetable beds should be treated in the spring and autumn. 25ml of Revive (diluted as above) will treat up to 25m2.

As a dip treatment dilute 25ml. of Revive in 0.5 litres of water (1 fl.oz/pint) Plant roots, bulbs, tubers, corms and seeds may be dipped just before planting. Note: Revive is a natural product, variation in colour may occur.