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Grazers Rabbits, Pigeon, Deer & Geese

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The effective, easy solution to damage caused by grazing rabbits, pigeons, deer & geese. Also used against mouse & vole damage to seedlings plus squirrel damage to young fruit.

Grazers is NOT a pesticide and is therefore harmless to children, pets, wildlife and the Environment.

Perfect for use on fruits, vegetables, lawns, shrubs and flowers. Simply mix and spray onto the areas you wish to protect. Completely odourless to humans.

Grazers is trace element based therefore, it is beneficial to the plant and safe on very young plants. A single treatment lasts for up to 6 weeks.

750ml Ready to use Spray

375ml concentrate treats 1000sqm

Based on a specific calcium chloride solution, organic dispersant plus surfactant. The calcium source is a foliar fertiliser already used on veg/fruit and salad crops and in food production, though Grazers inclusion is at much lower rates than fertiliser recommendation.

It does NOT contain any animal by products 

How To Use

Concentrate Instructions:

General dilution:

4 capfuls (60ml) in 5 litres of water ( 3 teaspoons per litre).

Refill dilution:

Simply add 1 capful of Grazers concentrate into a trigger spray with a fine nozzle and top up 750ml of water with a drop of household detergent.

Apply using a conventional hand sprayer or knapsack sprayer with a fine nozzle (Not a watering can). Spray just too wet the leaf. In areas of high infestation it is safe to double the application rate.

The recommended spray interval is 4 weeks, however this can be modified e.g. in situations where treated grass in mown, plants are watered or periods of prolonged heavy rainfall follows spraying repeat applications may be needed sooner.

New plants are especially vulnerable to damage. Spray at least twice prior to planting (allow leaf to dry in between sprays). Spray again once planted. Avoid spraying in bright sunlight.


Shake vigorously before use. Wash sprayer before and after use. Spray foliage (using a fine nozzle) on plants while dry, where damage has occurred or is at high risk. Spray foliage until just wet.

Note: it can help to add a small amount of detergent when spraying plants with a waxy leaf (e.g. cabbages and broccoli).

Harvest Interval: For edible crops we recommend one weeks interval between final treatment and harvest.

Storage: will keep for two years when stored in cool, dark conditions.

Precautions: Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Ingestion may cause illness. If irritation or symptoms persist seek medical advice.

Do not mix with any other material. Grazers is not a pesticide and is therefore harmless to children and pets.