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Grazers Lily Beetle

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Deter the lily beetle (Lilioceris lilii) from your plants with the new Grazers Lily beetle spray.

Lily Beetle is the number one pest of lilies. It can reduce a lily plant to nothing in just a few days. Both the adult lily beetles and the horrible grubs devour lilies – leaves, flowers and flower buds.

Easy to use spray which coats the leaf and while being effective against damage also benefits the plant due to its unique formula. When sprayed proactively every 7-10 days upon first sighting (from March onwards depending on the region and climate) plants continue to thrive, eggs are less likely to be laid and therefore larvae aren’t a problem either.

750ml Ready to use Spray treats 30sq.m.

375ml concentrate makes 7 litres or 9 refills

Based on a specific calcium chloride solution, organic dispersant plus surfactant. The calcium source is a foliar fertiliser already used on veg/fruit and salad crops and in food production, though our inclusion is at much lower rates than fertiliser recommendation.

It does NOT contain any animal by products